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Protect Your Freedom And Your Future After A Criminal Arrest

You may feel as if you were living through a nightmare after learning that you are under investigation or after a law enforcement officer has arrested you. Do you face criminal charges such as theft, assault, drunk driving or a drug crime? You are doing the right thing by looking for an attorney. The sooner you have personalized legal advice, the greater chances you will have for a successful outcome, such as a reduction of charges or a case dismissal.

I am attorney Ray H. Stoess Jr., a big believer in constitutional rights and the presumption of innocence. it will be a privilege for me to help you pursue the best outcome attainable in your local, state or federal criminal case. I am committed to delivering legal services that will meet your needs at this difficult time.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball And Pursue The Right Result In Your Criminal Case

You may be worried about losing your driving privileges, going to jail or paying large fines. In fact, you should be most concerned about protecting or restoring a clean record. A criminal record may follow you for years and make it difficult for you to pursue your chosen career, get financing or achieve other goals in life. For your own sake, pursue a strong defense as you face charges such as:

  • Theft: Shoplifting, robbery, forgery, fraud or another white collar crime
  • A violent crime: Assault, aggravated assault, a weapon violation, arson, kidnapping or homicide
  • A drug crime: Possession, possession with intent to distribute, cultivation of marijuana, manufacture of methamphetamines, trafficking or something else
  • A sex crime: Indecent exposure, solicitation of a minor, sexual assault, exploitation of a minor, prostitution or child pornography
  • A drinking and driving violation: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI); manslaughter after a fatal car accident that occurred when you were driving while inebriated

Whatever criminal charges you face and whatever your background is, I am confident that I can help you obtain the best available outcome in your local, state or federal drug crime case.

Get Out Of Jail; Get Your Bail Lowered; Get A Fair Defense Before A Prosecutor.

I am available to be your dedicated advocate in your criminal case in Kentucky. I have a strong commitment to protecting each client’s rights and well-being.

To schedule a free consultation, call me at 502-305-1387 or send an email inquiry.