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Get Legal Counsel After A Workplace Injury

You may not need a lawyer to get basic workers’ compensation benefits after an accident on the job. However, you may later face denials or unexplained disruptions to the compensation you should rightfully receive. An injury law attorney can make a great difference in case of any trouble or delays in your benefits.

Even if your injuries are covered properly after a workplace accident, you may discover that your employer has eliminated your position – possibly as retaliation for your workers’ compensation claim. Do you need an employment law attorney as well as an injury law attorney? Thankfully, at Ray H. Stoess, Jr., P.S.C., Attorney At Law, you can find the comprehensive legal counsel that you are looking for regarding your workers’ compensation case by working with me.

Types Of Injuries That May Qualify You For Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is not only for classic accidental injuries on the job such as falls off ladders. You may qualify for medical care and lost wage replacement if you have suffered any of these or other injuries in connection with your work duties:

  • Cumulative trauma, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or herniated disks caused by repeated lifting
  • Eye injuries, including injuries caused by exposure to toxic substances
  • Burn injuries, including radiation burns, thermal burns and respiratory ailments involving exposure to smoke or other harmful substances
  • Contusions, strains and sprains, often happening in places such as warehouses
  • Bone fractures
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

To protect your rights and ensure that you will not be denied benefits for reasons outside of your control, consult with a workers’ compensation attorney. I am attorney Stoess, and I am in tune with individual injured workers’ needs.

Ask Me About Other Ways To Pursue Compensation

When I evaluate your workplace injury case, I may determine that your accident on the job was caused in part by someone other than your employer. If so, you may be able to bring a third-party liability claim in addition to, and separate from, your workers’ compensation claim. Ask me about this possibility when you meet with me.

Initial consultations are free at my law firm for injured Kentucky workers. You will not owe attorney fees until and unless I recover compensation for you. To schedule a consultation, call me at 502-305-1387 or send an email inquiry.