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Estate Planning And Administration: Understand What The Law Can Do For You

No one wants to think about death, it seems, but we all naturally realize that our life’s legacy will someday be out of our hands. Estate planning and probate are two areas of the law that most families grapple with sooner or later. Creating or updating a will is a way to have a strong influence, while you are of a sound mind, on what will happen to your assets after your life is over.

For many people, estate planning means even more than writing and signing a will. Read on, below, for more information about estate planning and administration. Turn to a trusted attorney who is committed to delivering the legal services that you are looking for. Call me at the office of Ray H. Stoess, Jr., P.S.C., Attorney At Law, in Louisville, and let’s get started determining what you need.

A Will And What Else?

Writing or updating your will should be fundamental. However, there is more to estate planning than a will. You may also wish to complete your estate plan as follows:

  • Create a health care directive (a living will), which can benefit you and your caregivers during your lifetime if you are unable to speak for yourself someday.
  • Establish one or more trusts to make the transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries as smooth as it can be.

You and your spouse may want to create estate plans at the same time. I can help ensure that your intentions are clear and enforceable regarding your real estate, inheritances for children of previous marriages and other interrelated estate issues.

If You Will Be The Administrator Of An Estate

You may have been named as the executor or personal representative of a family member or close friend after a fatal accident or a natural death. They may be approaching death or already deceased. For reassurance and guidance through the probate and estate administration process, turn to a trusted, experienced probate law attorney.

I am here to ensure that you fulfill your duties in a timely and accurate manner.

Schedule A Consultation About Estate Matters

You will be one step ahead of many people when you contact a lawyer about estate planning or probate.

It will be my honor to help you put your affairs in order or settle your loved one’s estate efficiently. Call 502-305-1387, or complete my online form to start the conversation.